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Commercial Electric Rates Texas | ChoiceGenie | Power to Choose | Texas Electric Rates


Commercial Electric Rates Texas be wary of energy scammers, but, remember, seeing a door-to-door energy salesperson does not make him one! Remember, you have the power to choose and avoid them. How? The only way to avoid being taken in is to avoid engaging with them!

But, you know what! Sometimes the salesperson does have really have deals worth considering. To avoid a door-to-door energy scam, ChoiceGenie: The best Texas electricity rating provider, has compiled these amazing tips the next time you intend to open the door to a salesperson.

Follow Tip # 1: Who is Salesperson Representing?

Don’t assume recognizing a clothing or company logo means the salesperson is legit! As per the Electricity scout suggestion, always ask for identification, including proof of employment by an energy company.

Follow Tip # 2: Do Not Reveal Personal Information!

It is about more than guarding your Social Security, bank account, and credit/debit card numbers. You are not inclined to show any door-to-door salesperson your energy bill, which will include your utility account number. If you feel like a genuine energy company is playing tricks, then complain or simply remember, you have the power to switch to a more reliable company.

Follow Tip # 3: Be Informed about your Current Energy Providers

This will head off that utility bill request in “Do not reveal personal information”. You get bonus points for knowing the Texas Electricity Rates you’re paying for electricity or natural gas. FYI, it’s also on the bill.

Follow Tip # 4: Know the State’s Policy on “Cooling Off” Periods: CHECK!

Did you know, states such as New York allow consumers up to three days to cancel purchases without penalty? Yes. Either way, you opt for the best electricity plan.

Follow Tip # 5: Ask Questions about your Contract, ASK!

You can start with, what’s the electric rate? How long will it last? What happens when it ends? Is it a vault electricity? Are there fees, including cancellation fees?

Follow Tip # 6: Be On Guard!

Go for the one where you have to pay less power. Before you choose energy, it is advisable to stay current on local happenings and whether scammers are operating in your area. You can use Scam Tracker to learn more about potential scams in your area.

Summed Up

Information is necessary and a power setter while deciding, and it is needed to meanwhile safeguard your own. As learned, a mistake regarding your electric choice can cost thousands of dollars before you even register it, and then there’s the time and hassle of straightening everything out once you do.

It is an obvious fact that just as the weather warms across the country, we get to see the salespeople are out. To be accurate, there is a seriousness of the problem of door-to-door energy scamming, which is hard to quantify. According to My Think Energy, some people never realize they’ve been scammed. While others find it too embarrassing to report it. However, evidence of a national problem cannot be neglected. Choose Texas power, ChoiceGenie to stay safe.

Some statistical facts: A New York State Public Service Commission investigation resulted in 1,566 consumers receiving $950,700 in refunds from one of the largest energy suppliers in the state.

Complaints ranged from predatory sales practices to higher-than-expected prices. However, it’s quite impossible to pinpoint at exactly how many of the complaints stemmed from door-to-door sales.

ChoiceGenie: The Texas electric broker among other veteran energy, providers specifically warn its customers against energy scams. Did you know the fact that energy trade associations designate the third Wednesday of November as Utilities “United Against Scams Day”? It provides further documentation that there’s a genuine issue not to be avoided.

The key is the energy choice. Consumers can buy electricity and natural gas from providers they choose whilst compare power. That energy is delivered by a transmission company, so, in most cases the utility that serviced the area prior to deregulation.


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